Dragon Ball z Fighter

Dragon Ball Fighterz Tournament Delayed By Bandai Namco

The online Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament was supposed to be officially announced by Bandai Namco soon, but now the company has confirmed a delay for the event.

There wasn’t any info before, and now no info as to when, and this clearly affects the competitive DBFZ community. Just a lame “unforeseen” excuse for the delay, nothing official. “We are experiencing some unforeseen delays in the preparation of the online tournament that was supposed to be announced in June,” Bandai Namco said. “We want to thank you for your patience and continued support, we look forward to sharing updates with you once they become available.” (Be sure to stream the event on LevelUp.bet when it does take off.)


It could be a game development thing, since players such as SonicFox speculated that the delay probably had to do with improving the game’s crappy netcode, or else Bandai and Arck System Works are trying to put out something new and snazzy for the online event. Either way, since DBFZ had their physical series canceled on May 29th, stopping the first stages of the 2020 World Tour on their tracks, Bandai Namco had mentioned finalizing an online solution soon enough. Seems like we gotta sit this one out.

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