It seems the folks at Riot have learnt their lesson by the spectating bug scandal!

Riot took to VALORANT’s official blog page this morning to make clear what the rules will be for their newest esports category, as they’re seeking to avoid unpleasant controversies such as the recent Counter Strike debacle that saw respected team coaches suspended after being found guilty of committing some very unfair tournament practices.

There won’t be no funky business this time around! – As stated straight from VALORANT’s Twitter page earlier today (@PlayVALORANT): “If you wanna play, you’re gonna need to know the rules. Here’s what you need to  know about the rules coming to VALORANT esports.”

Before we go on, let us take a look at some of the next Counter-Strike: DreamHack Open Fall matches, alongside the latest betting odds courtesy of gaming central

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Counter-Strike: DreamHack Open Fall – Betting Odds*

October 17th, 2020

9:30 AM ETHeroic-200VSG2+164
9:30 AM ETOG+101 Fnatic-120
*Odds are subject to change.


Setting Up Rules for VALORANT

Alex Francois, Head of esports for VALORANT, wrote himself a brief introduction to the new policies, remarking the importance of responsible gaming in the proper execution of any esports-style affair: “The vast majority of rule violations can be prevented by writing clear rules and being responsive to teams and players who are seeking clarification. As VALORANT esports continues to grow, my goal is to institute the greatest possible clarity and transparency for the participants of the competitive ecosystem.

The new rules explore several aspects of VALORANT play “legality”, including basic standards for eligibility and roster building. They also pushed the notion that players ought to be responsible for their fellow players, hinting at the necessity to “rat out” possible wrong-doers in order to incentivize a “healthy” gaming environment. Yikes! Talk about “totalitarian” attitudes in gaming.

There isn’t a definitive date yet (or much information at all) about the First Strike event, however, we did find out that the European Open Qualifiers are scheduled to take place between November 9th and 22nd. We’ll keep you updated!

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