Echo, Overwatch’s newest hero, will do justice to her name with her Duplicate ultimate: it lets her copy the abilities of any enemy and play using them for a short while (well, it was kinda hard NOT to think up a duplicating thing. Just sayin’.) Esports Betting, for gamers by gamers.

Echo is also a damage dealer; the hero and with her new ultimate were revealed by director Jeff Kaplan on TimTheTatman’s Twitch stream; fans kinda expected Echo to be a support hero, but the Overwatch 2 trailer spilled the beans on her damage abilities. The Duplicate ultimate is THE most bad-ass, game-changing ability, though, and of course, nobody saw it coming.

Echo can “copycat” an enemy and has 15 seconds to use those abilities. During this lapse, ultimate generation rises to 650 percent, and this means Echo can make multiple ultimates copied off an enemy happen in a short time; stuff like multiple D.Va Self-Destructs, McCree Deadeye shots, and Tracer Pulse Bombs can now be possible.

Echo will also play up as a projectile hero and her primary fire, which is Triple Shot, is a projectile of the ‘bullet’ type that mimicks Genji’s shuriken projectile; each one hits for 17 damage, plus stacks as it hits. BOMBOCLAT!

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