In an effort to develop the Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) even more so, esports event organiser ESL has teamed up with the DFL German Football League in a killer partnership calculated to kick it up a notch for both.

ESL is taking over media production for the VBL events, and providing editorial support for the Grand Final tournament and the Club Championship that are kicking off next week. They also tucked into their bag extensive media rights to VBL so they can license these out to several distributors. The 26 clubs partaking in the VBL Club Championship are also getting some rights to broadcast their own games and report on them too. 

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Virtual Soccer Equals AWESOME Esports Option

The DFL was the first pro football league to launch an “eFootball” competition using the VBL, back in 2012, and partnering up with ESL is an effort to expand the VBL and make it way more pro, to take it up to the next level, according to Ralf Reichert, Co-CEO of ESL. 

With ESL, we have won a partner who has already proven that they can successfully set up esports competitions and communities worldwide – including in the field of soccer simulations,” he said. “We want to make the VBL even more tangible and exciting and the ESL brings the necessary experience and passion to achieve exactly that.”

With the Virtual Bundesliga considered a major league for climbing high onto the FIFA esports ladder, hooking up with ESL is the way to go for bringing in more coverage and viewership. 

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