Well, people are still going psycho over the coronavirus, and now esports get to suffer for it. Seems the COVID-19 is the new boss in town (and a last level one too!)

Developer Psyonix caved into world madness and decided to single-handedly mess up the Rocket League Season 9 World Championship. Oh, but since the prize pool has no champ to claim it (I sure can!), $250,000 have been added to the Regional Championships across the four regions that got stiffed from the World Championship. So, you can still f*ck up and something will still clean up your mess. Esports Betting, for gamers by gamers.

Sure, that can make anyone see bright sides: “Just because there won’t be a World Championship doesn’t mean the world’s most exciting esport comes to a stop. We are working on a plan to bring you live online regional tournaments (NA, EU, SAM, and OCE) in the coming months,” said Psyonix.

Fear has sh#t flying around, and the potential threat of the “Boss” has been delaying, postponing or canceling games to keep players, fans and production crew safe… as if. Guys, it’s making the rounds, so chances are this is all unnecessary stuff. The virus is here to stay, and it has beaten the crap out of esports events for games like Overwatch, NBA 2k, Hearthstone, CS:GO, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and others.

ESL Also Loses It

Some teams have all the luck: the Dota 2 Los Angeles Major was kicked to the street by ESL like it had the cooties or something, with them declaring, “In light of recent travel restrictions and the evolving COVID-19 situation, we are postponing ESL One Los Angeles 2020. We are deeply saddened that we won’t be able to bring you the event you deserved.” And now Team Aster, the Chinese Dota 2 team who was getting burned trying to get their US visas precisely by the Coronavirus (what with the shutdown of the US Embassy in China, and the February 14-day travel ban implemented by the US and all) has officially no longer has a problem in their hands, since no tournament is to be held. What a way to “forfeit” without a penalty!

Soooo… Since esports events seem to be dropping like flies, lazy asses (we still love you though) can check out the list below for a quickie, instead of having to, well, read:

League Of Legends

The May Mid-Season Invitational has been pushed back to July, hoping the Coronavirus will go away. Yeah, right.


The VGC2020 Midseason Winter Series Showdown was to be held right next to where it all started, in China’s Hubei province, and sure enough had to be put to sleep, just like a lovely Snorlax. The Europe International Championship in Germany also got their black eye.

DOTA 2 and Rocket League via Psyonix

Well, you read about it above. Or didn’t you? -_-


The Overwatch League has been having their ass totally postponed, so their 2020 season may just as well call it quits and die.


The Hearthstone Masters Tour had moved from Indonesia to Los Angeles to avoid the COVID-19, only to find it was already there (yeah, if it shakes inside, it also shakes outside, dudes). So the HMT took the only move possible: online-only. Twitch fans I summon you all! lol

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

FLASHPOINT League has canceled its Stockholm playoffs. Another one bites the dust…

Apex Legends

EA postponed the Apex Legends Global Series Major 1. That’s like a slower way to die, isn’t it? Just sayin’.

How long do you suppose this whole coronavirus thing is going to last? Come back to eFCKNsports for more irreverent news from the crazy esports world. Who Knows! You might learn a thing or two about esports betting strategy. See ya!