Final Kombat 2020 SonicFox


For the second year in a row, a low-tier character has done away with the FK2020. It’s Dominique McLean, with his lame “SonicFox” moniker who’s been making the rounds and getting to be the top loser of losers.

He strolled in as a dead-ass Joker, who isn’t really wanted by the top-dog players of the world, and not even considered to be regular. He made NinjaKilla_212, who was using his Lui Kang character, bite the dust in Mortal Kombat 11, after having lost to him in the semi-finals. Big deal… couldn’t even win in a row.

His Joker started off the FK2020 with a Mercy, like always, which means he is more a joke than a Joker, and don’t have imagination (IMHO throwing shade is for wusses.) He LOST against NinjaKilla_212, defeated Dragon in the LOSERS’ FINAL (yeah, he’s consistent) and then went on to the finals. Couldn’t make a whole player out of both of them in thrashed in a blender.

And this was not even the first time they faced off in Mortal Kombat 11 finals; Montréal 2019 and NEC 2019 also saw these two derps meet at the end, and NinjaKilla_212 took the cake both times… and then the lameass went and dropped the ball this time. Geez.

McLean got to be champ two years in a row, first at Evo 2019 and now at Final Kombat 2020. Even a smashed clock
is right twice a day… But, hey, this event was pretty small due to the coronavirus scare, so he actually didn’t freeze up in front of a REAL audience.



With just a day’s notice, NetherRealm Studios notified there wasn’t going to be any March 7th Last Chance Qualifier event for the Final Kombat 2020 tournament, and canceled the live audience for the FK2020 event held on March 8th. Or, as I like to say, they CHICKENED OUT at the last.

Sure, people are scared and taking precautions, but only a moron caves in at the very last. More warning woulda has been nice, but no. Selfish bastards waited until the last minute to shoot down the tournament and people are sore. The Studios left competitors and fans, having spent good time and money, with no chance to react; only the top 16 competitors could attend and the rounds were live-streamed instead of live-attended. And, of course, they will keep their pieholes shut and we will never know why they made the decision at the last moment. Oh, wait. Of course, we know! Because they’re MORONS.

At least they’re compensating players and attendees for their airfare and accommodations, with a statement that reads, “For those fans who Purchased General Admission and Last Chance Qualifier tickets and also incurred noncancelable/non-refundable hotel and airfare costs to attend, please reach out to [email protected]” They forgot to add they’re not zombie-food for lack of brains. Stupid is as stupid does.

Go ahead, alienate fans. That’s one thing you can actually do right!

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