PUBG Mobile


It seems Fnatic will be disbanding its PUBG Mobile roster after the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia season one, per their announcement on Friday.

According to the organization, its current roster has been having limited success, and even though they said some of the proudest moments in their history happened when the team set out for their quest in India back then, they also commented that this limited success is pining for many changes to be made to the roster because they want (listen to this crap) “every player can prosper and become the best they can be.” (Yeah, right. Sounds more like the old “kick out what’s not working”, or the “I can’t stand his sorry ass no more” solution.)


Either way, this ongoing PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia season one will be the last time, the last tournament, the internal powers-that-be to have to put up with the dudes they want gone. That will be the last participation for the current lineup as a team, and the changes Fnatic anticipates for its PUBG Mobile roster will be, very wisely, revealed until the PMPL is done (yeah, who’d want to play all out if they knew they were being kicked out. Still, that Judas’ kiss…)

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