• Splitgate facts revisited
  • Got investment, will venture
  • When will it come out of the beta version?

We had already given Splitgate some facetime some weeks ago (check it out here) but hey, we just wanted to know if it had taken off like it seemed it would.

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Did you know Splitgate is already over 2 years old? There are a lot of people who were none the wiser until the game got its fair share of attention just recently. And it’s getting big FAST.

Born as a wish to round up the Halo and Portal franchises, brainfather Ian Proulx put it out there but never expected the insanity caused by the open beta version he brought out a few months ago. He had announced the game at E3 2021 for PlayStation and Xbox, and then his jaw dropped at the very unexpected 2 million downloads in just the first week. Later, it hit the mark of the highest numbers of concurrent players very soon after launching, making the Garry’s Mod and Valheim games kick the dust that very same weekend. Cool.


Having scored a nifty $100 million in investment, the sky’s the limit from now on. From a successful esports venture, to perfecting the game’s ‘capability to promote fun,’ to taking it up to a league format (or any other format, for that matter; perhaps VALORANT-style,) Splitgate will be definitely making the rounds from now on and for a very long time.


1047 Games has no release date as of yet, nor if it will even line up with a new season. Since the game has very few bugs and it’s pretty well rounded-up, it’s a little strange that there are no news yet, but apparently it seems to have to do with keeping up with content-release schedules and if staff shortage problems may pop up. Still, it feels like a tease, like that ancient chick Salome’s dancing to get the king to give her that dude John’s head (ref too weird? Keep scrolling.)

Since 1047 Games is “aggressively hiring”, and talks about introducing new content at a fast pace, and limited time events, seasonal changes and whatnot, we’re guessing it should be leaving the beta cloak sometime soon. Meanwhile, Splitgate is free to play, available on Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and there is a schedule to get it into the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 in the short term.

No talk, but all walk is fine in my book.

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