Almost as OLD as time itself!

StarCraft 2 is one of the oldest surviving esports games out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s anywhere near its end. The DreamHack Masters Europe: Last Chance tournament -starting in only a few days- will be, quite literally, the last chance for high-profiled StarCraft 2 players to win some juicy cash prizes and score some extra Global Points ahead of the IEM Katowice event later on this year. 

The upcoming Last Chance event will kick off this January 12th and it features sixteen of the finest StarCraft athletes from all around the world, all doing battle for a whooping prize pool of $57K.

As is tradition, eFCKNsports has ALL the juicy details for your esports enjoyment; however, before we continue with our report, check out the latest StarCraft 2 betting odds, courtesy of online esports center

StarCraft 2 DreamHack Masters Europe: Last Chance 2021 – Betting Odds *

Jan 12th, 2021

2:00 AM CentralRagnarok+166VSTY-233
2:00 AM CentralZest+114VSClem-156

*Odds are subject to change. 


Protoss, Terran and Zerg… You Savvy?

Blizzard Entertainment’s legendary Real-Time strategy masterpiece is still very much beloved amongst its many sci-fi fans across planet earth, as can be confirmed by the very diverse list of invitees to the Last Chance event, who stem from as distant locales as South Korea, Germany, Italy and Finland. 

The tourney will kick off in the traditional Group Stage format this coming Jan. 12th, with the 16 participating players split between four groups (4 players each), and it will play out as a dual tournament; all group stage matches will be Best-Of-3’s. The best two teams from each group will then advance to the Playoffs, which will all be played as Best-of-5s, single elimination, and the Finals will then turn to a challenging Best-of-7 series of matches. 

The total $57,000 pool prize will be split in the following fashion:

1st Place – Prize $12,500 USD + 300 EPT Global Points

2nd Place – Prize $7,500 USD + 200 EPT Global Points

3rd & 4th Places – $5000 USD Prize each + 125 EPT Global Points

The remainder of the prize will be split between the other 12 spots. 

StarCraft enthusiasts will be able to tune into the action as early as 2 AM Central (Jan 12, 2021) via ESL’s official Twitch channel

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