-Newly-arrived Patch 2.08 comes packed with a new tropical-island map and several bug fixes. 

Time for a little relaxation at the beach!

The new VALORANT map (aka “Breeze”) is the latest addition to a slightly overplayed set of mayhem locales, and it came alongside some bug fixes and some other useful tweaks in the latest Patch 2.08. 

Available now, players can look up the Breeze map from within the existing map pool options. Keep in mind though that for the first two weeks of the ongoing Act 3, it can only be played in the Unrated Queue, later opening up for other game modes.

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A new ‘Breeze’ map, Coach Slots and Bug Fixes

So, according to Riot’s official page, Patch 2.08 is full with juicy new stuff – and noteworthy changes – for VALORANT fans to enjoy, and for them to get a reprieve from the manic, close-quarters atmosphere of the previous gaming locales. 

Breeze will be exclusively available to play as an Unrated queue and for custom games for the next two weeks only. Once the period is over, “the Breeze-only queue will be disabled and Breeze will then become available in the existing Unrated and Competitive Queues.”

The Tournament Mode also saw some important additions introduced, such as the new ‘Coach Slots’, which effectively enable coaches to spectate games, though they will remain locked to their team in the custom games lobby; there’s also the option of speaking to tournament moderators via the ‘Party’ and ‘All’ Chats.

On top of the above, the patch included an update to the game’s HRTF audio settings, by adding novel sound effects to weapon drops, and some extra bug fixes were also included relating to modes, agents and ‘competitive’. The full list of bug fixes can also be found at the VALORANT website. 

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