Leave it to the passionate pundits to spill the juicy beans on a new game coming out!

Given that Blizzard Entertainment has kept remarkably quiet about the release of the long-coming Overwatch sequel, game fans have been forced to speculate and nitpick about every single tiny drop of information that finds its way to the news media. The last time we had heard anything tangible about Overwatch 2 was back in November of last year, during the BlizzCon 2019, and hardly anything else has come out since. (Makes me think of the 2nd coming of Jesus.  So much noise and NO juice… hmmm)

Goldenboy proves GOLDEN

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While sharing the mic with other esports casters during one recent edition of the For Heads podcast, Overwatch League host Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez hinted at Overwatch 2 seeing it’s long-waited release before the end of the present year. (Puff! Only 9 months more to go. What a relief!

He did so while discussing the upcoming release of Valorant, Riot Games’ latest shooter, alongside Jonathan “Reinforce” Larsson, Brennon “BrenCasts” Hook and Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson. While addressing the smarts behind a summertime release strategy, Goldenboy saw it fitting to comment on Overwatch 2 seeing the light of day prior to 2021. (INSERT HERE CHORUS FOR The pointer sisters:  I’m so excited)

The Facts

With all the confusion surrounding the release of the newest Overwatch installment, we thought it well-timed to put together a list of the well-know facts about this sequel:

  • November 1st, 2019: Blizzard announces the future release of Overwatch 2. No official release date is provided at the time.
  • An early version of the game was already playable, as it was shown during BlizzCon 2019.
  • Overwatch 2 will offer free access to existing Overwatch players and they will be able to transfer their sprays, skins, emotes, icons amongst others. (OMG! I’m so excited and I JUST CAN’T HIDE IT! Seriously)
  • The selling price upon release is also unknown ($30 – $60 ??)
  • Overwatch 2 will feature a whole new PvE engine and maps, new heroes and gameplay mechanics.

A secret… kinda

Goldenboy’s statement came in support of a tweet shared by PlayStation Brazil, in which the South American media branch of the gaming juggernaut pointed at a 2020-framed release for Overwatch 2. Luckily for the gamer community, reporters discovered the factoid contained in the tweet before it got taken down by its own publisher. Similarly, the Vancouver Titans also erased a tweet in which the game’s near-by launch was hinted at. (I am left to wonder… Do they do this kind of thing on purpose? hmmm -_- )

Don’t you love it when the international media branches of video game developers forget to read the memo?

It’s very often the case that we learn about the actual release dates for games from a distant commercial partner located in the oddest corner of the world. (Nothing wrong about Brazil, lovely place, lovely people, and lovely food -and drinks-… and GAROTAS!)

Can we hope for a sequel to Overwatch before the year is over? Come back to eFKNsports for your daily dose of the hottest esports news. Who knows! Maybe you will learn a thing or two about esports betting strategy. ‘Til next time!