• Fierce battles and dreams cut short are the currency in the playoff bracket
  • Philadelphia Fusion and Washington Justice get shot down from the playoffs
  • It’s ongoing and fierce path to the Grand Finals this September 23rd!

Two teams already had their $1.5-million-dollar-first-place dreams cut short when they got shot down in the playoff bracket by the end of September 22nd. Teams are crawling along the best they can to stick their foot in the Grand Finals, but it’s a jungle out there.

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In the hullabaloo that ensued after the start of the playoff bracket, Washington Justice was swept away in the first match of the loser’s bracket in a 3-0 series by the Atlanta Reign, who heavily relied on their DPS. Rookie-of-the-Year Oh “Pelican” Se-hyun and Petja “Masaa” Kantanen were the major damage dealers for Atlanta. Washington Justice was sent reeling down, which leaves Atlanta to face the Los Angeles Gladiators. 

It was then the San Francisco Shock’s turn to get shot down and kicked to the curb by the Shanghai Dragons. They lost in a 1-3 series, which set them up to play against the Philadelphia Fusion. A bitter and intense battle brought about the demise of the Fusion with a 2-3 scoreline, and left the Shock to go against Chengdu Hunters in the lower bracket this September 23rd. Having  lost to the Dallas Fuel in a 0-3 series aforehand, the battle against the Shock is Chengdu Hunter’s pass to remain in the playoffs. 


September 23rd comes around with the following stints to try to stay in place; since they’re do-or-die events, we will be definitely seeing a bright, red, digital bloodbath this time around! 

Next up will be: 

  • Atlanta Reign vs. Los Angeles Gladiators (6pm CT)
  • San Francisco Shock vs. Chengdu Hunters (8pm CT)
  • Dallas Fuel vs. Shanghai Dragons (9:30pm CT)

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