Yet another one bites the dust: The Overwatch League canceled the Midseason Tournament and moved All-Star Weekend to the end of the season, all because of the coronavirus pandemic. (Hear me out, guys… why even bother to schedule this stuff?)

The Overwatch League recently streamed all the changes they thought up (or brainstormed, probably while sipping coffee or tea or something with a little more kick.) The biggest Corona-change is their transition to online playing (Thank You UNIVERSE!), but the other big news was the cancellation of the Midseason Tournament with the All-Star Weekend being thrown back to the end of the season.

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Well at least they didn’t throw the All-Star weekend down the toilet; they’re still holding it just not in the middle of the season like normal. Hey, there is also the Talent Takedown with a match just for the brag of it, so there. It’s gonna be fun, just not when you dudes wanted it.

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