Overwatch League Doubles Their Token Drops For This Weekend

It’s time to cash in! Any Overwatch League fan saving up their OWL tokens for a snazzy skin (the new Sinatraa MVP Zarya skin, for instance) will be able to superload their collection this weekend.

Overwatch League drops are going to be loaded with double the tokens per 30 minutes of viewing, which means that, for example, instead of 5 tokens every 30 minutes, you can get 10.


When the Overwatch League made the move to stream on YouTube only, the tokens had all disappeared. You couldn’t get tokens by watching and they were available only for purchase or by winning codes in giveaways. Then, the tokens came back in May, when you were able to get them by simply watching Overwatch League matches; you could even get enough to buy a skin by viewing on a weekend.

And now you can get them doubled. For this double-move, you have to link your Blizzard account to the Overwatch League site to earn the tokens. Then, you have to watch the stream on the Overwatch League website or mobile app. Remember, viewing time is accummulative: if you watch 30 minutes, stop, and return later on to watch another 30, you get credited with an hour. These token drops can be used on all platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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