Geez, nothing helps spike competitiveness like some sudden hero pool removals, only two weeks away from the end of the regular season.

According to the most recent hero pool published by the Overwatch team, classic picks like Genji, Zarya, Brigitte and Tracer were all taken out, which throws in a brick at the strategies employed by teams up to this point, but, Will this shift in key hero availability cause a change in the offensive strategies taken by the different teams?

Dive Composition? Think Again!

A hero like Zarya had become a permanent fix in many teams, as the Russian character played a pivotal part in successful dive composition strategy, but now that the popular tank hero is out of the equation, chances are teams will likely lean more towards the Double Shield Composition instead.


Genji’s exit will come in particularly harshly for teams, as the hero has consistently been one of the most popular picks, with a 78% pick rate, similarly, Tracer had been another powerful pick for dive compositions, but that will have to change as well.

The hero pool changes will remain in effect until the very end of the regular season (which is in about two weeks), and then, by the time the Playoffs begin -starting September 3rd-, there will be no more hero cuts.

Overwatch League Betting Odds

According to our most recent review of the betting odds available at LevelUp.bet, Florida Mayhem is sporting the priciest bet for the starting day, at a staggering -10000 ml price before Vancouver.

Overwatch League – Week 28 (August 14th) *

4 AM ET / London +120 ml vs Seoul -161 ml

4 PM ET / Florida -10000 ml vs Vancouver +1098 ml

6 PM ET/ LA Gladiators -164 ml vs Dallas +163 ml

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*Odds are subject to change