The Overwatch League is currently undergoing the fuller face of the Playoffs stage, and the last couple of days have seen several teams say their final farewell of the season. While the Asia region rages on, and more teams meet the end of their tourney participation, the time’s come to take a look at the remaining North American matches, as well as their juicy betting odds

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American Teams Go Packing on Day 2

It just wasn’t meant to be! Despite the best efforts and honorable performances by the Vancouver Titans and Houston Outlaws, both teams saw an early exit by Sept 3rd, but were soon followed by London Spitfire, Toronto Defiant, Boston Uprising and the Dallas Fuel only a day after. Spitfire’s exit opened the doors for Chengdu Hunters to slide right into the Playoffs and they’re fighting off for survival as we write this piece.

Pundits agree that the latest patch and changes to barrier characters and others may have caused a shift in the development of the tournament, bringing about some very unexpected outcomes from otherwise strong squads.


Playoffs Betting Odds

There are several matches listed on the schedule for Sept 5th (evening), which should complete some seeding processes for next week’s second Playoffs round. Below you will find the listings and betting odds for upcoming matches, courtesy of LevelUp.bet:

Overwatch League Playoffs Betting Odds *(Sept. 5th-6th)

San Francisco Shock-2500VSWashington Justice+770
Paris Eternal-1250VSAtlanta Reign+570
Shanghai Dragons-1250VSNew York Excelsior+580
Guangzhou Charge-270VSSeoul Dynasty+190

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*Odds are subject to change.