• Overwatch League rosters have new construction rules for 2022.
  • Fifth season kickoff is anticipated for April 2022, using an early build of Overwatch 2 
  • Trades between teams can kick off on September 26th. 

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The Overwatch League has clearly one eye on the road and another one on the move. Playoffs for the 2021 season haven’t even begun to stress people out yet and OWL has already fabricated and deconstructed the construction rules for roster-making. 

While it’s not as aggressive a change schedule as one might have thought, it’s the Overwatch League’s transition into the 5-vs-5 system in Overwatch 2 that has influenced these apparently random and early-bird changes.


2021 had a minimum seven players requirement for a team’s roster to be able to play in the Overwatch League. Well, 2022 will receive a cutdown to a minimum of six, although the max roster size for 2022 will still be 12 players (geez, wild changes…) This, in regards to size.

Now the reconstruction eye falls on the minimum salary that the Overwatch League has mandated for all players. The amount, for the last four years, has been $50,000, for all players. This minimum salary has been raised by $700 in a wild and desperate (read with sarcasm) move to adjust the salary to reflect to cost of living and inflation. (They be a wild bunch, they be.)

Most key sections of roster construction will go untouched, namely the length of season-long contracts and the first call a team can make to extend a player’s contract with them before the player gets to throw their a$$ into free-agency. Teams can still sign players to 30-day contracts if and when the team has the minimum and required 6 roster guys.  


While trading between teams can kick off as early as September 26th, (the morning after the 2021 Grand Finals), they don’t have much leeway: by October 2nd, teams must have extended player contracts or the players can then become free agents on October 9th (talk about stressing people up.) Teams can then start to sign up free agents (players without buyout fees) on October 10th.  As corolary to all this fanfare, everything basically adds up to this: teams must have at least 5 players signed up by January 3rd, 2022, and a complete roster with the minimum 6 by March 1st, 2022. No time to lose.

At least not the League’s time…

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