• Shanghai Dragons go from “zeroes 2 heroes” in one mega sweep 
  • Atlanta Reign bites the dust in the 2021 Overwatch League Finals
  • Mega losing streak finally pays off

There’s nothing sure in this world, and the Shanghai Dragons are there to verify this: they defeated and came out in extreme victory in the 2021 Overwatch League Finals.

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So, how would you call a team, which had almost always been stamped with the losers’ L on their foreheads, winners only of the longest losing streak in the history of esports, and then have them flip over and smash Atlanta Reign with a swish of their tale? This fawesome feat let these guys leave their imprint in Overwatch League history by becoming the last champs for the original Overwatch game, plus a juicy doozy of a prize: $1.5 million, no less.


There was a tragic season that apparently set them off. After that crappy 0-40 season, the team went on to make massive changes: their entire roster went under the hammer. After these changes, they had been become somewhat consistent, but then they went for the upset and became the first team representative of South East Asia to win the title. Those moves, changes, tinkering and fine-tuning were very intuitively made and finally paid off; the acquisition of Byung-sun “Fleta” Ki was one of the finest.

Inside the game, the Shanghai Dragons had the advantage of picking the first map, and killed with it. they dominated Ilios and won 2-0 on control over Atlanta. Shanghai struck and claimed the second map, besides the 2-0 advantage. The last map on King’s Row saw a raw Shanghai combo made up of Tracer, Ashe, Wrecking Ball, Sigma, Zenyatta, and Baptiste that ultimately killed the Reign. The Finals trophy finally had a home: a very unexpected, loss-prone home.


The original Overwatch era ended in an impossible note, where the Dragons went “from zeroes 2 heroes” and killed it with flair. I gotta say this, nobody expected this to happen but consistency pays off, and dealing the right changes is the way. One can never be too damn sure of anything. 

Now, it’s time for the Overwatch 2 era to set in: it’ll bring changes in maps, their announced downsizing of teams, whatever they can come up with. But they’ll never wipe that saucy, smirky, glorious grin from the Shanghai Dragons when they remember their 2021 upset and savage glory.

All’s well that ends well… and weird, I always say.

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