Some things in life you just can’t avoid, esports’ success being one of those things!

Despite a long history of anti-tech postures from Pakistan’s mostly conservative governing bodies, it appears their leaders are beginning to relax their views in regards to video-gaming and esports as a whole.

The latest move to “legitimize” esports as a valid/regular sports option by the authorities of the massive South Asian nation responds to the spike of world-wide interest in esports, experienced after the arrival of that pesky COVID-19 pandemic, which turned live, face-to-face traditional sports events into a thing of the past.

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Pakistan: Esports A-Ok!

Fawad Hussain, Pakistani Minister of the Science and Technology Departments, let out a few days ago that a special agreement was reached between his charter and the local Sports Board -which regulates the execution of sporting events and activities in the country- in order to standardize esports as a legitimate sporting activity  Hussain prompted local gamers to ‘come out’ and join the burgeoning new gaming community in Pakistan: “If you’re interested in video games, get ready… new opportunities are waiting for you!

The new compromise goes beyond just incentivizing the local esports scene per se. According to the news sources, Hussain had previously stated in an interview that Pakistan will also provide financial backing to potential investors and players alike, in order to further push the expansion of the gaming industry in the Muslim-majority country. Additionally, talented students of the game development fields, animation and programming will receive special grants and certifications.

Pakistan’s shift to a “friendlier” attitude towards esports is a relatively recent thing. Back in 2020, on-the-go sensation PUBG Mobile was banned in the country for a month, due to allegations of a connection between the battle royale title and a local teen’ suicide case. 

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