Sources say Riot Games has been on a private-meeting frenzy with gaming organizations in the past few weeks to give them a rundown on the plans they have for their new free-to-play, first-person shooter title VALORANT.

Many in the gaming industry didn’t think VALORANT would get ahead in esports, at least not for a year or two after its release, but now it looks like Riot has been meeting to give top-dog organizations a little taste of the roadmap for the competitive side of VALORANT.

These meetings are pretty significant because the first-person shooter title is seen as a potential challenge for the Overwatch League and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive; pretty sneaky and just plain weird, IMHO. Nobody knows the exact number of groups that met with Riot, plus they were also made to sign non-disclosure agreements. This could go every which way, with Riot.


VALORANT debuted live action this week in a beta private testing scenario for pros, streamers and the media. It started getting all the major buzz around the block. Its potential as an esport has been really kicked up by VALORANT’S breaking of Twitch’s mark for all-time concurrent viewing; it debuted with a first day of beta testing and 1.7M concurrent viewers; it hit 1.5M the next day, even though it will not be available until a still-unknown date this summer.

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