San Francisco Shock Is Master Of The Wins In Overwatch League

It seems North American teams have met their master: the San Francisco Shock’s victories against top-dog North American teams is jawdropping.

They have destroyed the other teams and brutally swept the league. The 2019 Overwatch League champs might very well be locked into an infinity win loop. The Summer Showdown tournament bracket starts out this July 3rd, and the team will be entering with an awesome 13-game win streak.  True, they had been beaten in March, as everyone woke up from pandemic hibernation, but the San Francisco Shock have remained undefeated since then. (BTW, you know you can stream it all at, right?)


They have taken over the wins in spite of epic roster changes –remember Sinatraa’s retirement all the way to the transfer of DPS Architect— and the team has kept them coming steady. They have actually grown into a full-fledged monster. Recent action has only proved North America might just not cut it for bringing them down.

The San Francisco Shock was pitted against two huge North American talents in the release of the Summer Showdown qualifier schedules: The Philadelphia Fusion and the Paris Eternal were set to face the Shock in the Summer Showdown qualifiers, but the Shock took them down in half the time it takes to play a competitive-series match. Fans had expected the June 28th match with a nearly undefeated Philadelphia Fusion to be hardcore, but the game ended with a humiliating 3-0 sweep and a match length of 32 minutes 50 seconds.

If this isn’t dominance, I don’t know what the f*&% is.

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