Seeing that the San Francisco Shock owned most of the Overwatch League 2019 season, set a massive milestone in league history, and went on to grab the Grand Finals victory tab, the Overwatch League decided to kiss their buttocks with their own championship Doomfist skin.

The Doomfist skin is pretty sick, themed with volcanic and other supernatural entities, plus molten lava bursting under the rock body to bring it all together. A gauntlet tries to give it a victory feel, and the nods towards the SF Shock are not very obvious: the S and F are on Doomfist’s belt, and a couple of other things that might mean SF Shock is there somewhere. If you squint enough. Still, it’s history.

This isn’t the first skin they’ve released, BTW. The London Spitfire, 2018 Grand Finals Champs, got one, and also Sung-hyeon “JJoNak” Bang of the NYXL got some octopus-sy contraption for his Zenyatta skin, to name a few.

The Thunder Doomfist skin will be available from March 26-April 9, for in-game purchase only. Remember, it’s historic stuff. O.o

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ATL Academy has skipped Overwatch Contenders, a scene which is important for OWL teams, since this is their
hunting grounds for scouting and developing talent for rosters. But still, ATL Academy has decided to snatch up their purse and skip out for the rest of the season.

This Atlanta Reign academy team has been pretty sick in Overwatch Contenders; last season, in North American contenders, they owned most of the year and did great until the best-Contenders tournament called The Gauntlet, where they just flipped over and let Element Mystic snatch up the finals.

This year, ATL Academy didn’t kick off that well with problems beginning to kick their ‘nads. Stuff like top talent leaving, and the recent release of flex-support player Robert “HaKu” Blohm, were some of the factors pushing them to the side. Since the team wasn’t exactly the same one as before, this was probably what made them step back and bench themselves for a spell.

Overall, some people –many– think Blizzard and the Overwatch League are not dishing out support to tier-two teams; 17 OWL teams that once had an academy team have been razored down to just 9 active ones. Something is wrong here, and this might mean more academy teams will be GTF out in the future.

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