• Seoul Dynasty says “bye” to part of its roster and coach
  • All this ahead of the 2022 season
  • Marquee players “Gesture” and “Profit” still hanging around

High turnover rates, anyone? Overwatch esports is king in this card-shuffling, and now, 4 players and a head coach have been offed.

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As we said before, Overwatch esports is famous for its turnover rates, and its pretty common to be part of a roster one day, but not the other. The 2021 offseason is now all blown up and the natural consequence is that players will be offed and/or shuffled before the next year hits in full.

Latest team to off, drop, discard, oust or dump players is the Seoul Dynasty. The thing is, they were dropped in a single dump, all four + one of them. Players thusly smitten are DPS player Park “Saebyeolbe” Jong-ryeol, support player Jung “Anamo” Tae-sung, plus tank players Hwang “Marve1” Min-seo and Lim “Toyou” Hyun-woo. There is also a head coach that was beheaded after three seasons, Park “Changgoon” Chang-geun, in a no-mercy bloodless-bath.

Since Chang-geun will no longer be at the helm for a full season next year, this 5-men dump definitely means the Dynasty want to make not only hardcore, but meaningful changes before going into battle again. The killing was memorable.


Of the few left over from the cut-throat move are four members of its 2021 roster. These include marquee players Hong “Gesture” Jae-hui and Park “Profit” Jun-young; the organization seems to be trying to build around megaplayer Profit ahead of Overwatch 2 and the 2022 OWL season, but, hey, this is speculation. Either way, Anamo and Marve1 have apparently gone into free agency, Saebyeolbe said bye upon revealing he would be retiring as an Overwatch player, and that’s all the lowdown we got. Beheaded head coach Changoon is still to announce his next steps.


This year, the Dynasty failed to qualify for the playoffs, which definitely reeks of the reason for the bloodbath. They were impressive, although that isn’t enough for these players. Second-best in general for the Eastern Region was not right up there in their plans. So now they huff, and they puff, and plan to take 2022 down with all the adjustments and fine-tweaking they be makin’.

We will definitely want to see what they’re concocting.

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