• A great practice mode in rotation 
  • EXP reward is not too shabby
  • You don’t get shot or interrupted while picking up your disco balls

With all that Splitgate info spreading out like shit on a fan, let’s start getting some serious intel on it. And it’s the turn in the cross-hairs for the Pantheon Race.

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It’s one of the modes in rotation and one of the many tasks placed by Splitgate as a weekly challenge. What’s so great about this one? 

Well, for starters, it’s a surefire way to get some good rewards, so it’s probably not a good idea to toss it aside (that stuff generally comes back to bite you in the ass.) Rewards consist of EXP, plus you get some edge in those very basic skills of yours. How, you implore…


The Pantheon Race is good for practice with portals. Since the Splitgate weekly challenges generally task players with trying out different modes, and the Pantheon Race is part of the ones in rotation, you probably don’t have much of a choice but to give it a go (that is, if you’re into weekly challenges.) And, you get 10,000 EXP as a reward for completing it. The Pantheon Race is designed to be completed within the weekly challenge, so there you go.

Plus, it lets you practice your moves, portal skills and how not to crack under pressure, since it’s a time trial to put you through the wringer without dying; you don’t have to worry about getting shot or about getting interrupted (but you do have to finish the thing, you know.)

The mode has a single-player map with the race as the goal, and the objective is to collect the many disco balls scattered around the map or race. The idea is to collect them as fast as you can. Since there are no weapons, enemies or interruptions in this race mode, they had to test your skills somehow so they resorted to making it all about speed and skill. Getting the Weekly Challenge rewards does not rely on being fast af, but since it’s a race, you should at least try to look like you mean it.


OK, since the Pantheon Race is a training mode for portal-usage savvy, of course it’s gonna be found in the Training menu. Look under the Races section (there are a lot of selections, stay focused, don’t stray) and choose the Pantheon Race mode. 

Just bear in mind that you’re not the only one in the universe, you egotistical beast. Act fast to get in on the fun, be it for the rewards or just for the practice in your lame Splitgate portal skills. Yes, because there is the added snag that there is a queue-time system in Splitgate, and since there are tons of people participating, you might just have to wait in line to get at the Pantheon Race (just be thankful there are no bouncers here.)

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