T1 Adds 4 Players To Valorant Academy Team

T1 Adds 4 Players To Valorant Academy Team

There’s an esports organization signing up academy team players for VALORANT, and it’s T1, home to a mad successful League of Legends team.

T1 has signed four VALORANT players to make up its academy team, and the roster is going to include Haydin “ZerG” Gordon, Kurtis “Kurt” Gallo, Eeiu, and Rara. ZerG had formerly signed up with Fusion University, the Overwatch Contenders team when he was 14, and then he retired from OW to play Apex Legends for T1. Kurt also played with ZerG during this time.


T1 is definitely getting a leg up with these four signings, since it has officially picked 9 VALORANT players over the last couple of months; it had first signed up former CS:GO pro Brax , then went on to sign Keven “AZK” Larivière, Austin “crashies” Roberts, Victor “food” Wong, and Skadoodle. There was also a signing with Daniel “fRod” Montaner for head coach of its VALORANT team. Remember, you can stream all this mad competition stuff on LevelUp.bet when available.

Other teams, like Team Liquid, haven’t signed a VALORANT team yet, and even 100 Thieves has announced only one signing so far. VALORANT esports’ future is still not clear, and Riot hasn’t said much about it, but it is widely believed that it will be pretty similar to that of LOL’s esports scene.

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