• Valorant has a new glitch…
  • G2 Lothar is the snitch to the glitch
  • “All in all, it’s just another glitch in the Sage wall”

Valorant has a new glitch (as we said above, ad nauseam) and it’s a doozy: the new bug destroys a wall without having to fire at it!

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VALORANT Streamer G2 Lothar was the one reporting on the VALORANT bug that spawned the glitch that allows players to destroy Sage’s wall… without a weapon.

Reportedly, the glitch allows players to destroy none other than Sage’s wall. This particular wall is THE best way to protect your squad from haphazard attacks, or to cut off the entrance to overly-zealous enemies… NOT! It seems that now Sage’s wall went from being a cool, hard-to-break barricade, one that would only go down with several shots, to a wall that can be destroyed by… walking into it?


Actually, FORHONOR discovered the bug, and G2 Lothar posted a short clip about this. Then, there was another player that posted a clip unintentionally busting the wall by jumping into it from a whole different vector. Up to now, it still hasn’t reached the dreaded stage of becoming a significant problem because players have not been able to replicate the “walking through walls” thing. (I can see hours of tryouts, tryouts everywhere, replicating the “ghost” thing…)


Jett was also tarnished by a whole load of bugs that came hidden in Patch 3.08: her weapons have been slowed down in the pull-out, her Updraft ability got overpriced, and still another bug will not let other players sell their abilities in the buy menu. Now, we’re not saying the bug causing the Sage wall upset came in the most recent update (or, yes, we are, not so sure, though) but it’s sure as heck gonna be patched as soon as possible!

For the time being, this bug is on the loose; replication hasn’t been that successful and hopefully, no one will be able to abuse it. But be sure there’s someone out there who will make it happen, and yes, the clock’s a-tickin’.

Because patches and bugs are like an old, ripped blanket: when you cover up something, you uncover something else. And once you patch something up, a lot of bugs come hiding from under the woodwork, and there you are, bug-ridden. Bugs are like that, they sneak in hidden and then bite your ass. For real.

Tough luck, patch-glitch-developer dudes.

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