Totally BUSTED!

So, according to Riot’s Vanguard anti-cheat system, one of North America’s top-ranked VALORANT players was caught cheating LIVE against an all-female Dignitas team, right in the middle of a scrim.

The culprit in question is none other than ReFleckFPS, who was -right before the shameful incident took place- ranked as #8 in the broader North America VALORANT region. We’re thinking we probably won’t be enjoying the honor after this. ;p

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Hacker Detected!

The news broke earlier this morning, as several Twitter-based esports commentators pointed out that NA’s 8th ranked ReFleckFPS had been caught infraganti violating VALORANT play rules, as the infamous “Hacker Detected” message popped up on everybody’s screen during a scrim against an all-female Dignitas roster.

 “In a Valorant scrim vs the female Dignitas lineup, a cheater was caught by Vanguard Live, the player known as ReFleck has since deleted all social media” – by @JakeSucky. 8:07 AM, Jan 27th.

Following the first reports of the incident, Dignitas team member Showliana went online to post a print-screen picture and a video clip, featuring the exact moment in which the warning prompt appeared on the screen exposing ReFleck’s shenanigans. BURN!

ReFleckFPS was only acting as a team try-out player for the team that did battle with the all-girl Dignitas team when the incident occurred.  Better Luck Next Time… if you ever get it.

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