Sometimes, no matter what you do, things go the wrong way.

In view of the new travel and movement restrictions imposed by the French government due to the rise of COVID-19 cases, Ubisoft was forced to cancel their troubled Rainbow Six Siege tournament, which was scheduled to start today in Paris.

The Six Invitational 2021 event was originally going to take place in Montreal, however, Ubisoft decided some months ago that the very-tough COVID regulations imposed by the Quebecois authorities would not permit for the proper production of Rainbow Six’ biggest tournament of the year, so, they chose to move the event to Paris instead… Aaaaaand THERE goes the Tournament!

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So Much for a Solution!

Sometimes, despite all your best intentions, things just take a f*cked-up turn you weren’t quite expecting. I know the feeling, and I bet the people at Ubisoft are feeling it right now: After having changed the venue from Quebec to France in order to run away from Quebec’s tough COVID-19 movement and travel restrictions, the old-school game developers opted for Paris, France instead.

Unfortunately, during the last couple of weeks, the situation in Europe has deteriorated, worsened by the arrival of new strains of the virus, forcing each national government to reenact curfews and restrictions to social movement. Just last week, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the application of new restrictions, effectively ending Ubisoft’s hopes of delivering the 2021’s edition of the Invitational.

As stated by Ubisoft’s official blog last February 4th:

Following the announcement (Macron’s), Ubisoft, alongside our partner Live Nation, have been working tirelessly to find a solution to organize the physical edition of the Six Invitation 2021 in Paris, France in February, as initially planned. However, we have now learned that LAN esports events are no longer possible today’s context, despite the strict sanitary measure put into place… Consequently, we have no choice but to postpone the Six Invitational 2021 to a later date.  While we are obviously disappointed that the Six Invitational will no longer go ahead this month as planned, our focus is now on re-evaluating the situation and looking for alternative options; we know dans are looking forward to both the reveal by the developers of the upcoming changes in Rainbow Six Siege, as well as the competition itself.”

There is no update yet in regards to the actual new dates for the Invitational 2021. We will make sure to keep you updated!Keep up with all-things-esports by reading eFCKNsports’ crazy blog. Follow us via social media to receive instant updates on the latest esports news and esports betting odds. See Ya!