Ever worry about having some esports event to bet on?

Fear No More! The VALORANT Southeast Asia Fire Championship is already underway. Having gone past its starting group stage during last December, the two winning teams from each party are now fighting it off at the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals and we have ALL the betting your betting details for your esporting pleasure. 

Though the SEA Fire is still its infancy, and its prize is not quite as high as that belonging to more well-established tournaments (merely at a $5,500 total pool), this novelty Valorant competition is the best chance -thus far- for hopeful VALORANT athletes to test their skills within a broader gamer community. The Fire Tournament gathers up contestants from countries as varied as Thailand, Vietnam, India and Indonesia. 

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VALORANT – 2020-2021 SEA Fire Championship Betting Odds

Playoffs Stage (Quarterfinals)

January 8th

3:00 AM CentralTeam SMG-154VSahq eSports+116
6:00 AM CentralAttack All Around-169VSBren+124

*Odds are subject to change. 


Fire Championship FACTS

The latest VALORANT event is organized by the folks at eFire League, who’ve been at the top of many previous Asian esports clashes. This time around, however, they are seeking to expand to regions that had not received so much attention in the past, such as India (that generally lacks well-formed esports organizations) and Vietnam. 

From a total 16 original teams that started the event only 8 survive, and only one will claim the champion’s title by the time the tournament wraps on January 14th. The squads currently doing battle for the $5,500 prize pool are: X10 esports, Bren, Team SMG, NongWaen, ahq e-Sports Club, Attack All Around and TUBEPLE Gaming. 

While the starting Group stage consisted of Best-of-3 matches (single duel between competing teams), the Playoffs stage will play out as a double-elimination bracket instead, with the last Grand Final event changing to a Best-of-5 format. 

The tiny prize will be distributed in the following fashion:

1st place: $3000.00 prize

2nd place: $1500.00 prize

3rd place: $500.00

VALORANT enthusiasts will be able to tune in via SEA Fire’s official Twitch and Youtube channels.

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