It’s time for the VALORANT First Strike UMG Closed Qualifier, and the event is kicking off this Thursday, November 19th.

It’s that moment when the second and final event of the Engine Media-hosted qualifiers zeroes in on 16 teams bumping heads and giving each other no quarter in order to squeeze in and make it to the top four that move on to the final event, which is held in December.

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First Strike Hits Hard with $100 K Prize Pool

This VALORANT qualifier is the only chance the teams have left to sweat it out and grab the last 4 prize spots to compete in the December First Strike main event for a whopping $100,000 prize pool. There are already 4 more teams waiting for them: teams Renegades, Sentinels, 100 Thieves, and Envy are lying in wait like snakes in a pit for the other 4 chosen ones to slither in and have it all out.

The First Strike UMG Closed Qualifier will kick off with the following groups and teams:

  • Group A: Cloud9 Blue, Equinox Esports, Spacestation Gaming, and Luminosity, all from the U.S.A.
  • Group B: Team SoloMid, Andbox, FaZe Clan, and NRG Esports; all of them are also from the United States.
  • Group C: Complexity, Moon Racoons, Gen.G and Serenity, of which only Gen.G is from Canada. The rest is from the U.S.A.
  • Group D: and last but not least, this group consists of T1, Immortals, Dignitas, and Pittsburgh Knights, all U.S. teams.

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