REYNA - Valorant

Valorant Spikes Online Betting

There’s a new dude on the block getting the online-betting world all frothy and excited, and it was released on June 2nd.

Valorant, that newly-launched multiplayer 5-on-5 FPS game from Riot Games (makers of League of Legends) is now making the global rounds, plus it’s free-to-play and it’s the hottest, new attraction for esports online betting. So much that our buddies from already have plans for some hardcore Valorant odds to pop up sometime this week, for tournaments such as Absolute Masters and Epulze League. Check out the site to wager or stream (or both) with the best!


Patch Notes Already Up

With Valorant fully launched and gone live all around the globe, Riot Games promptly released the first official patch notes for version 1.0, and they are now also live. This update adjusts some agents and deals with some bugs: for starters, there is a new agent arriving called Reyna, plus a new map called Ascent. Some of the highlights included are:

  • Sage, Raze, Jett, Phoenix and Omen updated
  • Improvement of hit registration
  • There’s no riding Viper’s Toxic Screen Supersonic wave
  • Updated map Split
  • New agent Reyna
  • New map Ascent
  • New game mode Spike Rush

Plus, of course, many others. Just… don’t miss out.

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