Twitch Rivals


Riot Games and Twitch are going to be hosting the first major event for VALORANT once the launch takes place. They have teamed up with competitive FPS creators to hold a global Twitch Rivals tournament precisely on the day VALORANT is released to the public.

After having VALORANT played in a closed beta environment, on a daily basis and by some 3 million people (so many love the freebies), the smell of success was thick in the air. During that beta time, they held several tournaments, such as the ESPN Esports VALORANT Invitational, plus many Twitch Rivals VALORANT events. With the results from the beta testing, it was decided to shut down the closed beta environment on Thursday to be able to launch the free-to-play tactical shooter on June 2nd (who wouldn’t). The launched version will include an additional agent, which raises the total to 11, and there will also be a new map, for a total of 4. Just remember to stream it on so you won’t miss a thing!


The Twitch Rivals event will include a $200,000 prize pool; regions already confirmed to participate are North America, Japan, Brazil, Europe, LATAM, and Korea. The global tournament will be crowning 1 winning team from each of those regions, plus “the right to count themselves among the first global VALORANT champs” as they put it. (It seems a certain online game who is losing players by the minute is going to have to reinvent itself, just sayin’…)

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