Cheaters Be Cheaters!

There’s no point denying it: Cheating is always going to be a problem in professional esports, no matter how hard tournament organizers and game developers fight to keep it out of their realities. As long as there are sufficient tech geeks with a little extra time in their hands out there, somebody is eventually going to find some underhanded way to circumvent the system, and according to the latest online gossip, Valve’s introduction of Overwatch’s reporting system into Dota 2 has also brought along some unwanted swindlers.

A video containing video footage of an alleged cheater caught infraganti was posted to social media network Reddit earlier today. In it you can see the shady shenanigans of a certain Windranger, featuring an uncanny “awareness” of its surroundings and enemy positions, even when outside of the visible screen area! – Talk about a Wizard of Gaming… phew.

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The Typical Case of the Player with God-like Powers

That unusual show of absolute Mary-Sue-ness by the player was guaranteed to raise some basic suspicion. I mean, sadly, it’s terribly common to find players who use some kind of technology to achieve results that are simply impossible to obtain by any regular human being under fair conditions, but one can only hope that such weasels would stay out of competitive esports. NOT THE CASE HERE!

This time around, according to some examination of the video, the player made use of an open-and-shut scripting scheme to try to gain some undeserved advantage; after the culprit performed the shameful deed, he failed to submit the report and a message came up on the screen, friendly asking the user to “Try Again Later!” – How convenient!

Seems like the accident is more common than we thought, and several other players have been coming forward online, claiming that they have been subjected to similar cheating situations, without being able to “prove” it, due to a lack of archival evidence.

It all appears to be connected to the Overwatch system, which incidentally, happens to be also shared by THAT other title. CS:GO. – Am I crazy, or… am I starting to see a trend here?

We’ll make sure to keep you posted, as more cheaters are likely to start showing up in the news soon.

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