• Teaser appears to point to new VALORANT map 
  • Unstable reactor: a fun venue for a shootout
  • Episode Three Start of Act Two sounds like a plan

Riot Games has released a new teaser, and it may, might and probably could, be giving out clues regarding the next VALORANT map.

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The teaser let out of the cage by Riot Games shows us an inkling on what appears to be a new map for VALORANT, which coincides with other sneak-peeks the company has let loose the last few days back.

The publication briefly shows a very unstable reactor that has apparently managed to make a hole in the roof of the forbidden facilities. Besides, the reactor looks like a very angry energy source just waiting to hit the roof (pun intended; if you don’t like it, just keep scrolling.) In other words, it looks like it’s about to blow its top (puns just keep pouring in, man.)

But this is just a surmise, a reckoning, a wild guess we make; there also seem to be a few ropes at both sides of the hole, which might be indicating the map will be using them in some manner… nothing is there without a purpose, or so we’ve learned through forever being teased by Riot. We can say these ropes might be used in a Bind or Icebox manner, since that’s all we could come up with. Or not. Hey, it’s fun to brainstorm.  


A week before these two teasers got thrown in the mäelstrom (forget WoW, this has nothing to do with it), VALORANT published another image that seemed to show the complete map, including the Chernobyl-wannabe we saw appeared in the most recent advances.

An important date to keep in mind regarding this chaos is September 8th, the end of Episode Three where Act I finalizes and Act 2 begins. The maps are traditionally launched with the acts, but since this date is a little too close, it’s possible the VALORANT squad is resorting to a new map to deflect the attention from the VCT Masters Three Berlin tourney coming up, which begins two days after. This being said, we should probably rectify and say it might very well be happening in the Third Act, which kicks off on October 2021.

Stepping out of this mess we made with guesses and surmises and probable dates, let’s just stick with a new map’s a-comin’. 

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