• 2021 Overwatch League Countdown Cup tourney going on as we speak
  • New winner to be crowned since previous champs are off the table
  • League points considered more valuable than money

Many things you ought to know, and this includes all things Countdown Cup. It’s the Overwatch League’s final tournament cycle and it’s four teams on all fours, ready to jump the gun if they must.

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The four teams were very excited to start off this weekend, and all because it’s a special tourney where one team’s loss is another team’s title. Yup, beside vying for those valuable league points that set up the postseason seeding, they are guaranteed a chance to rip the other teams’ limbs apart for a go at the Championship Title. All because the previous champs are missing. 

Previous champs like the Dallas Fuel and the Shanghai Dragons aren’t going to be present, and the fact that all the four teams playing in the Countdown Cup have never won neither a stage nor a final in their whole Overwatch histories makes great grounds for a feeding frenzy. 

Because not only money is at stake, but also pride and postseason placement. Sure, they get $100,000, sure they feel the ecstasy of the win, but more than that, they place in the postseason standings. The three “league points” champions earn can kick up postseason positions up a notch, plus snatch up a bye to allow them to skip the play-in bracket altogether. 

The four teams already participating in the C-Cup (no pun intended…not!) are the following: 


ATLANTA REIGN: With two failed appearances in the last 2 tourneys –fourth place and zero points- with no glory and no clutch DPS Oh “Pelican” Se-hyun (staying put to recover from a collapsed lung,) they’re not going to let this one go so easily.  

CHENGDU HUNTERS: With a third appearance in 2021 tourneys, and a respectable grand finals showing in the Summer Showdown, these guys are pretty prepared to go in for the kill on this one. This tourney in particular favors this teams’ type of shenanigans, so they’re a force to reckon, all right. 

SEOUL DYNASTY: Bumby season over, they are ready to rumble and take down the teams messing with them. Their win in qualifiers over the Philadelphia Fusion has set off some warning flags for the rest. 

LOS ANGELES GLADIATORS: Always on the brink of getting their tourney appearance moment but failing miserably, they managed a throwdown on the San Francisco Shock. And here they are, a-smilin’ and with one of the league’s most impressive flex supports, 2021 MVP candidate Kim “Shu” Jin-seo. 

This final tournament will end savagely with a grand finals showdown, starting at 8pm CT on August 21; don’t forget to grab the postseason play-ins beginning September 16, afterwards.  

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