According to international news media Reuters, Los Angeles-based Esports organization FaZe Clan has suspended Fortnite player Daniel aka “Dubs Walsh, after the latter was caught spilling unpleasant racial slurs during a stream by another player.

The move adds up to a recent banning episode by Fortnite developer Epic Games, as the North Carolina company decided to issue a lifetime ban on Faze Jarvis back in November, after the professional player posted videos of himself cheating via the very controversial aimbot, which allows for easy targeting of enemies.


Dubs’ suspension was more thoroughly explained in an official statement: “Faze will NOT tolerate any form of hate speech,“ read the communiqué, while also stressing the organization’s commitment to inclusiveness and good relations between players.

They added: “… We are suspending Dubs indefinitely from representing FaZe Clan while in professional competition, streaming or posting on his social channels.

Walsh took on Twitter soon after to express his regret over the decision: “I can’t even describe how sorry I am, I did not intend to be hurtful in any way but what I said was still hurtful, insensitive and wrong. The word shouldn’t have been in my vocabulary and I apologize from the bottom of my heart to everyone I offended by using it.

We don’t know exactly what particular slur was it that Dubs used, however, it is clear that the trend in professional Esports leagues is to utterly unearth a long-standing tradition amongst video-game players to use un-pc language when engaging other players or the community as a whole.

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