It’s been a long time coming, but Fortnite betting will finally be a thing in the regular online betting circles. 

According to the latest news shared by our friends at top esports betting site, betting on Fornite will become a reality starting early in 2021, and as is tradition, the wacky writer’s team at eFCKNsports wanted to make sure you knew the basics about ‘How to Bet on Fortnite, before the odds start showing up on your favorite online betting site.

Truth be told, there’s still very little known about how betting on Fornite will actually work out, however, if our predictions are correct, it probably won’t differ too much from the already known esports betting types. So, the time’s come to go over some Basic Fortnite Facts and betting notions before you try diving into the world’s favorite Battle Royale. 

How to Bet on Fortnite: Beginners Guide

Epic’s Fortnite (born circa 2017) has become one of the greatest gaming sensations of our times; it’s deadly “Hunger Games” Battle Royale formula became a total hit, attracting over 350 million players as of May of 2020, and Its combination of crazy world physics, hectic shooter-survival gameplay and attractive map and skin designs are guaranteed to keep the high tide going well into the starting new year. 

The Fortnite game story begins as the world is suddenly depleted of almost all its population by a crazy weather system, leaving only 100 players to step on each other’s toes in order to be the last man, or woman standing.  These one hundred players will be competing for weapons and resources within a single map scenario, all the while avoiding getting eliminated by staying inside of the safe area.  


Fortnite Champion Series

In order to be considered a “valid” esports league, competitive esports ought to be framed up in some kind of professional league. Epic’s original response to Fornite competitive play, before the world pandemic of ‘unknown’ origin, was the Fornite Champion Series, formerly played as an in-person tournament between single players or duos, however, the spread of COVID-19  forced the producers to abandon the idea of live events. 

According to Fortnite’s official website, 2021’s Fornite virtual action will resume in the shape of the 2021 Champion Series, set around the start of the upcoming Chapter 2, Season 5 (February 4th, 2021)  and with a new standardized party size of three players, 

Bettors will be probably shown with an assortment of Fortnite betting pools, as well as match-up odds (Trios and Solo); the folks at also told us that they expect propositions to be part of the Fornite betting menu, including odds on regional winners and top finishers.  

Traditionally, esports betting odds have come in the shape of Money Lines

Money Lines are exactly what they sound like: each contestant is awarded a Risk or Win price; the favorite Trios or Solos will often feature a NEGATIVE betting line (referring the the actual cost of a $100 bet), while the underdog will probably show a POSITIVE betting line, signaling to the potential win amount for a $100 bet. 

For instance, in a Match-Up Bet between Teams A & B:

Money Line for Team A: -220

Moneyline for Team B: +190

Team A is favorite, thus, you would need to bet $220 for every $100 you’d wish to win. If you wish to bet on Team B to win instead, each $100-dollar bet will reimburse you with $190. You will notice a difference of “Cents” between the betting side, as esports betting sites will set their juice (winning margin) on the basis of the cost for each side. 

In esports pools, all the participants in a map will be put together into a single betting board, each one featuring a particular Money Line price that will depend on their likeness to win said map: The higher their chances to win, the smaller their payout, as shown in the example below:

Fortnite Betting Pool


Team A -110

Team B +200

Team C +240

Team D +300

Team E +500

In the above pool example, Team A is favorite to win, so bettors ought to invest $110 in order to win $100; Team B, on the other hand, will pay $200 for every $100 risked, and so on. 

Basic Fornite Glossary

Lastly, you might want to familiarize yourself with some basic Fortnite terminology:

Solo, Duo and Trio: Fortnite betting is regularly done between Single players (solos), Duos (teams of two) or Trios (teams of three players.)

Map: The scenario in which the action takes place.

Co-Op Play: cooperative gameplay in teams. 

Survival Game: Last Man/Woman standing gameplay. 

Sandbox (Open Game): Players can freely explore their map outside of the normal gameplay dynamic. 

Player vs Environment: In this mode players will compete against one another and against the map weather system itself. 

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