Kratos has been around for some time, having scuffled with those mythological fiends, powerful enough to kick the world’s butt, so he’s right up there with the best. Heck, putting a stop to the Loop’s ongoing threat oughta be child’s play (except The Child’s play, of course, duh.) 

All in all, Kratos from the legendary God of War series is a great addition to toss into the scuffle to save the Island… can’t have too many great backups!

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Kratos Now in Fortnite

As for the Kratos Outfit, it is now available in the Item Shop, and you can purchase it on its own or with a Bundle on the side with the rest of the Oathbreaker set. 

This Oathbreaker set is brimming with Kratos instruments you may already be familiar with, such as the Guardian Shield Glider – which he got from wifey-pifey Laufey the Just—and also the Mimir Back Bling, for wisdom’s sake. 

You can also top reaping smoothly with the Leviathan Axe Pickaxe, fabricated by the master forgers of Mjölnir Brok and Sindri. This Leviathan Axe Pickaxe has a first-time integrated Emote, the Freezing Burst Emote. Activating it should uncage the frozen leviathan within.

Another Kratos inclusion is the Fortnite Kratos Armored Style Outfit, which is unlocked once you purchase the Kratos Outfit and play a match on your PlayStation 5 console. This is meant to commemorate the Kratos PlayStation legacy…whatever that means. 

So there you go: this new addition can get you places in the fight against the Loop; allies are just too good to pass up. The only thing is, his appearance in Fortnite might result in ridicule for the God of War, since he will be forced to put up with Fortnite dance emotes, like a total fool (according to some.) But don’t take anybody’s word for it; check it out for yourself.

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