The total player pool for Fortnite, with its 350 million registered players, is now larger than the total population of the third most populated country in the world: the US. Yep, that’s a fact.

According to figures released by Epic Games, the pool is also more than twice the population of Japan, which makes the battle royale game more popular than ever. Just last March 2019, Fortnite had 250 million registered accounts, which means the popular game has grown with over 100 million new players in a little over a year. But Fortnite is still far from being the most-played game. CrossFire, ten years older than Fortnite, is still king of the hill with 660 million registered accounts in 2018.


In April, Fortnite stats showed players had spent a total of 3.2 billion hours in-game, which made Epic decide to keep the party going and throw a LIVE Party Royale Premiere this upcoming May 8th, at 9PM ET. (Keep in mind you can stay tuned to all the best esports action LIVE by joining esports action hub The event will feature DJs Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki and Deadmau5; it’s a one-hour livestream to celebrate hitting the mark, plus you can get the music-reactive Neon Wings back bling for free from May 8th– May 11th. Rebroadcast will take place on May 9th at 2PM ET. The full show can be seen at the Main Stage while in the game. Now THAT’s a real virtual party!

If you’re a newcomer to Fortnite, the battle royale sensation is available for a free download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, Android, and Mac. Are you part of the growing Fortnite user statistics? Keep coming back to eFCKNsports for your daily fix of the craziest esports news. See Ya!