It’s an old leak, but it looks like it’s making its way back again (a.k.a. attention whoring) according to data miners: a new weapon seems to be in sight for Battle Royale.

These are dual suppressed pistols, weapons that were available before only in Spy Games; now, it looks like these “silent doubles” might be making the rounds later on. They are just regular, normal dual pistols, only soundless, and fired in 2-shot blasts. (So taking the sound out is the new thing, huh?)

No one has said anything about adding them to Battle Royale, but the leak says they were found in the files after the new 12.40 update (Now, THATS’s having a LOT of time to spare lol). Other weapons found are a scoped assault rifle, a slug shotgun, and an Anti-Choppa rocket launcher, but Epic Games has kept its mouth shut… as a cliff-hanger sales strategy? Either way, they haven’t breathed a word yet.



After the Deadpool skin, they just keep rolling in. The 12.40 update was data mined and some Marvel Comics goodies were found.

Lucas7yoshi, data miner and leaker, searched the files (and for that, we’re REALLY thankful) and got a peek at a probable extension on the Epic-Marvel Deadpool partnership: he discovered skins for Domino, Cable, and Psylocke. They will probably be part of a bundle, according to the leaker, and some back blings and harvesting tools will be apparently thrown in also. We still have to see if they will be up for sale or what.

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