Twitter dataminers and leakers Guille_GAB and iFireMonkey had already leaked to us what goodies the Fortnite 17.50 update was going to add to our stockpile.

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Ok, we’re back on track to our latest tidbit. Epic Games has rolled out Fortnite update 17.50, which will add a Fortnite Crew Legacy Set, plus more stuff and changes. 

First one on the crosshairs is the Fortnite Legacy Set. This will be available to all Fortnite Crew subscribers, and it includes a Back Bling and an unlockable pickaxe. These will evolve each month you stay active as a subscriber.

It’s got six stages, and each one unlocks on day 14 of each month (of course, only if you’re an active Fortnite Crew subscriber, whaddya expect?) 

Stage 1: Subscription unlocks the Protocol Pack Back Bling. Don’t expect it to unlock if you’re not subscribed (yes, thank you, Captain Obvious.)

Stage 2: Back Bling evolves, adds Protocol Elite Style.

Stage 3: Back Bling evolves again, adds Protocol Overdrive Style. Zen Axe Pickaxe comes out of the Back Bling. 

Stage 4: Pickaxe evolves, adds Zen Striker Style.

Stage 5: Pickaxe evolves again, adds Zen Ultra Style. 

Stage 6: Pickaxe evolves yet again, to add Zen Assault Axe Style. 


Another inclusion in the update is a name-swap exacted on the Slurpy Swamp location’s name. As part of the “wow” factor of the goodies included, this one is very much meh.

It seems the old swamp area was not living up to its name’s “slurpy” nature, since the rivers in that location looked very much boggy and sludgy, so the decision to be more precise overruled all else, and the name was changed to Sludgy Swamp. Word has it UFOs may have something to do with the un-dredging…

So, guys, not much more is up with the Fornite 17.50 update, just some emote changes and other cosmetics; it feels like they wanted to push the Legacy Set and just throw in some other stuff that was lying around to make it worthwhile, but who could blame them? Epic Games seem to be right smack in the middle of a small controversy generated by a Martin Luther King interactive experience it launched last week. The experience seemed a little off, since it allowed emotes and dances while Mr. King’s speech rang out (yeah, they really should have thought that out a bit more,) so they probably had a lot on their hands already.

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