Epic Games has just announced that the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak also shat on their parade and left them no option but to cancel the Fortnite World Cup, which was scheduled for July 2020. Additionally, all the competitions will be moved online for the rest of the calendar year (which makes one think, when is this crap gonna blow over?) The competitions moving online include Fortnite Cash Cups, the Fortnite Champion Series, and third party events.


The Fortnite World Cup event hit a record of $30 million in prizes put up by Epic games last summer, for solo and duo action. Note to self: write less crap and play more video games! O.o Since it had to shape up or ship out, the online format made it impossible to carry out the World Cup this year because of its cross-region nature. The company hopes the competition scheduled for 2021 will have a green light when the time comes, but they will nevertheless approach the scheduling of events with a lot of caution. Meanwhile, the rest of the Fortnite esports competitions will keep their online format until further notice. Honestly… They took TOO long to say that! =/

For Epic Games, this cancellation is huge; the Fortnite World Cup event was one of the highlights of the esports mainstream activity, especially last year, and even though other companies keep their chins up believing in fairies, I mean, late summer schedules (poor bastards), Epic Games is not so sure the coronavirus aftermath will have come to an end by late July.

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