There are always new items in Fortnite, but it seems the trend is to make them pay-to-win to set off this ‘freebie-ness’. For starters, the game has made tons of cash in the past three years in spite of being free.

These new items have better designs and/or a specific type of enhancements that provide an unfair advantage for the purchasers (very much like in real life: money talks, hein?) The most recent item added by the developers is the Bash Burner pickaxe, which content creator SypherPK mentioned in a recent video saying he feels it is pay-to-win. SypherPK discovered it is faster than any other of the pickaxes in Fortnite. Even though the enhanced speed attribute is present only during short swinging bursts, continuous motion sets it right back to normal, but the biased advantage is clearly there, according to SypherPK. 

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All in all, the company does have a history of rolling out much-enhanced items in this pay-to-win modality. Take the Star Wand pickaxe that came out in July 2019, which biased the game with its 56 damage and improved mobility; in a proverbial shit-hits-the-fan moment, it was even used in competitive games, too. Good thing it was nerfed some days afterwards. 

So it all boils down to this: avoid purchasing the new Bash Burner pickaxe, since it is clearly a pay-to-win item and the developers are bound to nerf it soon.

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