We all knew someone would come up with a solution sooner or later! 

It now seems that GeForce Now will be your gateway to bypass that pesky Fornite block in Apple devices. According to information recently unveiled by the BBC, the legendary video-card maker, now streaming-service provider Nvidia will provide us with the means to circumvent Apple’s ban on the popular Epic Games’ brand.

The creators of the popular iPhone & iPad devices had imposed a ban on Fortnite in August following Epic Games’ shady move of “inserting” an in-app purchase option that effectively lowered prices and curtailed Apple’s rights to claim their juicy 30% cut for online purchases. 

It wasn’t long before Steve Job’s former empire became aware of Epic’s shenanigans and deleted Fortnite from its list of supported video games, effectively enraging a large portion of the gaming community who were no longer able to purchase the game via the App Store. 

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Getting AROUND the Fortnite Ban

So, what’s the catch?  Actually, for once, not all that much!

The GeForce Now “Founders” standard monthly fee is only five American bucks, and it grants you game streaming to Mac computers, PCs, Android phones, Chromebooks, among others. Since the GeForce Now app will be running from Safari, it will be able to stream from any device that uses that browsing program, including laptops and mobile phones. 

The “hack” was made possible by a recent statement issued by Apple, in which the company declared that “developers can choose to reach all iPhone and iPad uses over the web through Safari and other browsers on the App Store.” It was also implied that, even though players may experience the graphical advantages of using the GeForce-embedded app, there is no guarantee as to the actual quality of the game’s running speed. 

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