Maybe the years of Fortnite glory are long gone, and maybe EPIC Games can make the magic last for a little bit longer, thanks to their latest game patch. 

The launch of Fornite’s Chapter 2 last year wasn’t something that upset too many people (well… Ninja a little bit), but the looong walks that it took to get to any other point of the map were truly aggravating, and the only vehicle available to speed up the process was… you guessed it… a boat. Yes, a boat.

Now, according to very fresh dataminer leaks (whose name we will keep to ourselves, because… I didn’t keep notes), some discoveries have been made inside stat files pointing to the addition of Helicopters to the stack of available vehicles. The leak also pointed out to the very juicy health figures for the chopper, which included:

  • Player Damage: 50
  • Player Damage to Building: 150
  • Explosion Damage to Player/to Building: 70 / 450


New Additions

So, assuming the leaks are correct (which we’re totally gonna do cuz we’re gullible like that) said helicopters will be available on the battle-royale mode or the game -naturally- and it will come to address the mobility issue, which had been pissing off a lot of players (honestly! Who likes to walk nowadays?), reducing the number of active visitors to the season 2 map.

Alongside the new vehicle, Epic games will also introduce a bunch of new skins, a limited-time mode and brand-new weapons.

Rumor has it the skins will feature a novel spy version for Fishstick, called Contract Giller, Professor Slurpe, Echo, Slurpentine Farmer Steel & Zina. The scope-assault rifle (yeeeiiihhh!) will also be making a comeback, with its corresponding legendary mode.

The update will also bring two new LTMs to the Shadow and Ghost factions, called Operation & Infiltration, which should add up a bit more versatility to the gameplay with fresh stealth and hit-&-run dynamics.

Can Epic Games stop the downward spiral in popularity of its Fortnite franchise? We will find out soon enough. The Patch 12.10 is already running in European servers and elsewhere!

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