After Epic Games banned duo players Slackes and Keys, and duo Kreo and Bucke from Fortnite for cheating, Ninja had stuff to get off his chest.

The two duos were caught trading shots to bypass the Storm Surge mechanic on diverse tournament matches, plus ESTNN said they had footage of more of this from the same four players. This resulted in a 60-day ban from the scene. OUCH! – Well deserved though!

Ninja went off on the banned dudes because he doesn’t think guys that talented should be cheating. “I’m disappointed, man. I’m disappointed in so many of these kids that are trying to cheat, man, when they don’t need to.” Esports Betting, for gamers by gamers.

Then he kept on foaming at the mouth regarding the ban the foursome got when compared to the ban FaZe Jarvis got last year in November. Jarvis was banned for life for using an aimbot to make content in non-competitive games. Ninja lamented, “Jarvis cheats in an online, regular game for no money – gets a full-time ban. Players get caught cheating in a tournament for money and they get banned for sixty days.Ninja sure has a point there!

Epic Games’ decisions are actually looking pretty crappy and unfounded, since they are basically saying it is unacceptable to cheat in casual play, but not so bad if it’s at a high level of competition.

And it’s not the first time the ban doesn’t go with the cheat. Last year they banned players for a miserable 2 weeks when they caught them cheating in a Fortnite World Cup Online Open qualifier, and STILL allowed them to compete afterwards. Riddle me this. I mean… Really?

Long story short, Ninja can’t stomach talented, best-in-the-world dudes stooping down to cheat; inherent problems with Storm Surge as a mechanic has given way to discussions why some guys need to cheat, and Epic Games is dishing out the wrong treatment to different types of cheat.

Man, that’s gonna stink bad soon!

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