Hey World! Stop annoying Ninja. If you don’t, he will quit Fortnite, and FOR GOOD this time.

Whether we like it or not, Fortnite wouldn’t be what it is without Ninja, and that is probably because Epic’s battle royale title is just as bombastic a-game as the popular streamer, but this time, Ninja is promising he will quit it forever, and ever n’ ever, and whatever follows after that… Savvy?

Why, oh Why?  Because other Fortnite players have been making use of some sneaky “stream sniping” techniques to gain an unfair advantage, and that makes Ninja TERRIBLY angry.

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Ninja threatens to quit Fortnite, yet again

Tyler Blevins, better known in the dark corners of the internetz as Ninja, has declared that he will not be partaking in Fortnite streaming anymore.

The vociferous statement came after Ninja got killed some 4 times by a player who apparently made use of a cheating practice called Stream Sniping to gain an unfair advantage.

What is Stream Sniping?  – That’s when, for instance, you’re streaming your live play and one -or several- of your opponents tune into your stream to collect useful data on your plans and moves. In Ninja’s case, the fact that he happens to be the big-mouth, relatively douchey type of guy is probably making things even worse: The more you talk and make assertions about sh*t, the more the other players will be able to figure your strategy, simple.

Ninja quit Fornite in 2020 but he decided to make a comeback a little while back. But screw it!  This time he definitely means his intentions, or so he claimed (yawn):

The game is so f*cking stupid, bro… The community, these little kids, it’s just so dumb. It really is, it’s not fun, it’s just not. And the thing is, these f*cking clout-chasing losers, they have no idea. All they’re doing is just harming the game because I’m gonna f*cking play it. I am not gonna stream it.”

Cry us a river the size of the Mississippi.

Ninja’s complaint is however valid, in all practical terms: Annoying players running shenanigans for the sake of just f*cking with people isn’t all that fun, and should probably stop. It achieves nothing but making faithful players quit the multiplayer format.

Will we miss Ninja? Probably not. Keep up with all-things-gaming by reading eFCKNsports’ daily content; follow us on social media to get instant updates on the latest esports news & betting odds. See Ya!