Be VERY afraid, You Earthlings! 

The savagest of cinema’s alien hunters has arrived in Fortnite island, to wreak some havoc and collect some new skulls for his trophy collection.

If you’re over the age of 25, chances are you might be pretty familiar with the greatest alien hunter of movie history; the same Predator that has been a regular constant in the nightmares of lovers of the psi-fi/horror genres just joined the hectic multiplayer universe of Fortnite, via the Battle Pass… of course. 

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How To Hunt Down the New Predator Skin?

“The Predator arrives through the Zero Point!”

Having arrived on Fortnite island only just yesterday Jan. 20th, the scary new Predator skin comes packed with a ‘Bio Helmet Online’ emote, an arm blade pickaxe tool and a weapon wrap. 

Most important thing of all, the new Predator skin is completely Free, if you happen to already have the coveted Battle Pass

With a Battle Pass in hand, you can head to the Quest Menu to find the special Predator Quests.  Keep in mind that all you need to do to get your own skin is complete the quest that involves defeating the Predator.

But since you’re probably a lazy-ass anyway, and you are looking to avoid doing any work to get your own skin, then, there’s also the option of purchasing the Predator skin, always feasible thing via the Item Shop. wink wink 😉

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