An unlimited-grenade bug in Fortnite discovered by players got them disabled (the grenades, duh) before they even made a splash. Buuuuu… Sometimes it’s fun to watch the world burn… if only in video game, of course!

EPIC Games got wind of the massive grenade throwing glitch where fans of Battle Royale got to throw out more than one explosive at a time. I mean, fans found a way to throw ALL the grenades they carried, at once. This is MADNESS! In the normal Battle Royale mode, the 6 you’re allowed to carry were no biggie, but in Creative, players can carry unlimited amounts of grenades; throwing them all at once was… well, just short of cheating.

If you’re curious, you need to change your Fire settings to Mouse Wheel Down or Up, which lets multiple explosions happen when you throw a grenade at your enemies. Since this is a Mouse thing, it only works for PC players. PC MASTA RACE!!!! Just kidding… We also like PS and Xbox (Nintendo Switch, sorry! You can’t sit with us!)

Soooo, a fix is in the makin’ for the glitchy explosives. They’ll let you know, soon enough.



Well, what do you know… another Fortnite glitch. And it’s two-bugger, this time.

Apparently, Fortnite has not one but TWO bugs that let players win almost every game, IF they are done right. Australian streamer LazarBeam showed the proper manner to use the glitches: one, with a cardboard box and harpoon to make oneself invisible and shoot our asses off without being detected (enemy players should make sure to avoid empty cardboard boxes since that’s what the invisibility glitch looks like). Also, he showed how to use a helicopter and hook to destroy the sky barrier, letting the player fly high up, way beyond the 280 meters the helicopter is normally allowed.

This will totally get these glitches vaulted, since they’re f*&% easy to perform. Dude, Epic…too much, man. Fapping material, I must admit. *sigh*

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