Now you can totally do the Wade Wilson: Deadpool finally got to Fortnite and if you’ve been doing it right, with the weekly Deadpool challenges and all, you are now allowed to equip his skin. Yes! Best gift for this apocalypse season! Our favorite avocado face in Fortnite!

You can even dress up with the whole set of Deadpool cosmetics. Prance over to the Item Shop and get a glider, a harvesting tool, and 2 emotes, to smother yourself in Deadpool gear. But, hey, hold it in, there’s one more challenge left.

The final challenge is pretty simple, not NASA material, but it has to get done. Plus, it’s kinda awesome. It’s the brain roadkill of Epic Games and Marvel, so apparently the partnership is working… for now. In the Deadpool challenge, you have to find his 2 pistols, and then use a phone booth or portapotty to unlock the skin. By simply entering either one, you immediately get the skin. Still, you have to wait for that game to end to be shown the confirmation to unlock or equip.



So with Deadpool live & kickin’ in Fortnite and 6 weeks of challenges under your armpit (let’s pretend you do have them), here comes the final week-7 challenge with pistols to find, and we’ll let you have some tips. Eat your chimichangas, dudes; there’s a merc with a mouth on the loose and it’s YOURS!

First off, we need to find the D-man’s pistols.  You gotta make sure you have the Battle Pass, because these challenges are only available in the Battle Pass this season, well, because Deadpool is the challenge skin for this season.

First Pistol: find it directly under the table in the Headquarter’s main room, at the main menu. Hover over the pistol and interact with it (it’s not gonna come on its own, you know.)

Second Pistol: After you get the first pistol, the second one is waiting for you in the Agents’ room, with Agent Meowscles. Access it clicking on the door in the top left of the main room. Then, you will see the pistol on the bottom right hand side of the screen.

With both pistols in the bag, get a phone booth. Or get a portapotty. Either one will unlock the skin for good! Shut up and take my money already! (I am not being a sellout btw, I just LOVE Deadpool)

What other skins would you like to see the Fortnite devs come up with? Come back to eFCKNsports irreverent feed of hot esports news every day, and… Who Knows! You might learn a thing or two about esports betting strategies. See Ya!